Friday, November 3, 2017

UDOM EMMANUEL: Keeping the PDP Religion With Fulfilled Promises

By Edet Edet.

When the righteous is on the throne, the followers are happy. This biblical aphorism leaves me convinced that nothing begets followership than satisfactory performance and inclusive leadership.

From the inception of the PDP's reign in Akwa Ibom, performance has been the reason the electorates stake their neck  to ensure subsiting leaders emerge from the Peoples Democratic Party, being guaranteed from the archives of seeable development that the blood of impactful and infratructural renaisance is hereditary in the PDP.

Governor Udom Emmanuel inherited procreative governance from his predecessors; he is a symbol of a righteous and a religious man. His developmental procreations thrills the electorates, making them throng out enmass to celebrate and appreciate his resourceful leadership and positive impaction in governance everywhere in Akwa Ibom.

The ocean of heads that flooded the Uyo Stadium yesterday, as the Peoples Democratic Party flaged off campaigns ahead of the local government elections on December 2nd, proves that the people are satisfied with the leadership of the PDP, ably led by His Excellency, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel.

Just like yesterday in 2014, Governor Emmanuel stood on several grounds to provoke unseen development as a prophet of governance. Those words are reminisced each time I see Akwa Ibom people go to work in the Toothpick/Pencil industry,wear coverall and lab coats to the metering company and syringe manufacturing company.

The new facet of road network, and the sufficiency of food through the agricultural revolution as promised is a conviction that Governor Emmanuel is a visionary that was pregnant even before being given the mandate.

These promised fulfilled in just 2years into the Udoms administration has kept the PDP intact, it is the reason many deny the APC ceremoniously, even those who had sworn allegiance  because of the white paper bait in the guise of contracts have emancipated themselves from servitude

If the APC has never been intimidated, i am certain they were yesterday after watching the entire Akwa Ibom seek shelter from the umbrella, decrying they had been in the long night of captivity of the APC  cluelessly, and acknowledging the reality of their dismiss from AsoRock come 2019.

It is obvious, that Akwa Ibom people have woken from the slum of deceitful promises and bewildered hope of the APC, to the limelight of fulfilled promises and pragmatic leadership of the PDP.

Going by glaring stance of the electorates as seen yesterday, there is no doubt that the local government elections has already been won by the PDP, because PDP is known for their winning streaks and its leadership comfortabilty.

I rise.





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