Sunday, December 5, 2021


On Thursday December 2, 2021, the Executive chairman of Eket Local Government Area, Rt. Hon. Akaninyene Tommey declared open a one month commercial cluster with a seasonal name of CHRISTMAS VILLAGE. It happens to be the very first time such a concept is floated in Eket in recent memory. 

For those who may not know, Eket Christmas Village, like others, usually organized in Uyo and some big cities across the country, is a melting point of commercial activities braided with tourism. It is tailored towards creating a one-shop Village for the availability of all sorts of marketable items, recreation, fun and games for the yuletide period which begins from December to January 1st. Goods and services are usually made available at the Christmas Village at reduced prices, as an economic bait for social interactions. The venue creates ambiance for relaxation and sight seeing. 

The 2021 Christmas Village in Eket which happens to be the maiden edition, is unique in its packaging and conceptional beauty. It has a marked difference from the usual trade fairs. Located on the wings of the modern Eket Stadium, surrounded with good roads, it offers opportunity for traders and vendors of services to make brisk business and open new frontiers of contact. It also offer opportunities for buyers to get whatever they want at affordable prices. The cabins and stalls are made very affordable to the public at cheap rates. 

Hon. Akaninyene Tommey, from day one in office, made it known that he was prepared for good governance, as a driver with experience, and with a determination to serve his people. The ovation that greeted his one month in office is still resonating across the State. The Eket Christmas Village is therefore a concept created by him to demonstrate that indeed, the Oil rich city has the socio-economic prospect of a destination, especially with the ongoing beautification project in Eket by His Excellency Governor Udom Emmanuel's administration. 

The idea could not have come at a better time than now that the city is witnessing infrastructure renaissance, especially good roads and a peaceful ambiance. During his opening remarks, Mr Akan Tommey assured the people that the event has come to stay, adding that it is going to be an annual affair with its socio-economic attendance. 

Residents of Eket and its environs are therefore encouraged to make use of the Christmas Village for their shopping needs at very cheap rate during this Christmas period as the opportunity will save cost and risk of traveling to other commercial cities like Aba for commercial purposes. 

Management of the cluster should ensure that at the end of every day's activities, the village is kept clean and ready for the next day's business. Internal security personnels of the village should position themselves conspicuously at strategic corners in the village, for the beauty of it and as a safety net for unforseen circumstances. The lighting and power system should be highly co-ordinated with experienced hands to avoid any fire outbreak. 

The present module of Eket Christmas Village, being a revenue earner for the local government, featuring varieties of musical icons, comedians and a magnet for investors, can become a dockyard for the export of our locally made products, if properly managed for continuity, as articulated and planned by the chairman of Eket Local Government Mr. Akan Tommey.

At the end of the day, during the closing ceremony, the synergetic interplay of economic activities and tourism, witnessed during the period, must have stimulated the microeconomi indices of Eket and by extension, Akwa Ibom State for economic growth.  

Welcome to Eket Christmas Village, the first of its kind in Akwa Ibom State.


By Assam Abia.




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