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*Building The Industry*
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After recording and giving out links on Facebook, an average Artiste in Uyo believes that the songs will be promoted by the Holy Ghost (especially the Gospel Artistes) but they reality reminds, Online promotion is just a one-sided factor in Promotions as a whole example and as popular as Coca Cola is, they don’t only do Online Promotions but are engaged on the 2 remaining block of Promotions (On Air and Online).
I was at a CD shop the other day in Uyo and I realized that of all the Mix I saw there (Gospel and Secular) 90% of the songs were songs done outside Akwa Ibom and sadly enough only one or two Akwa Ibom Artiste were on it and these are products that will be SOLD to the Akwa Ibom Market because our Artistes pay more attention to the Online Promotions than other forms of Promotions.
I am up with a strategy that can help us circulate OUR own Music within OUR own State which will be a sure way of practically growing the Music Industry here that with as low as 5 Thousand Naira, you can be a part of this Solution to our age long challenge.
This chain will cover the Online, Offline and On Air Promotions, DJs, OAPs, Retail Music Sellers (Street Music Hawkers) Online Influencers etc.
This is my own way of seeing how we can graduate from the only Online Promotion which in Akwa Ibom State, the percentage of people online is lower than a half of the population that settle in the Urban Settlement but we can make money from the Rural Settlers too.
Your song will not blow when only those that are Online do have access to it, there are people on the Streets, there are people that listens to Radio and we need to spread out our market and if you want to be a go National and International, make MONEY and FAME from your LOCALITY and the process will be easy.
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