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Politics, oftentimes has been misconstrued by mediocre creating stunts on the basis of opposition, which however hampers equitable leadership.

Howbeit, politics within the context of altruistic rationale where dignity and integrity of character most be conscientiously monitored (pragmatically) as exemplified by the commissioner for culture and Tourism, Rt. Hon. Victor Antai; is  a platform to resuscitate  and renew ideas and strategies of empowering the people to help enhance developments in the community by effectively impacting to the living standard of  inhabitants  devoid of greed and hatred. 

As a leader embedded with distinguishable characteristics and visionary foresight inherited from his father, Elder Etim Antai;  Victor Antai; popularly known as (ATM), a frontline contestant for  Eket Senatorial District seat  has resiliently and conspicuously ensured development is spread across Oron Federal constituency. 

For the purpose of clarity, it will be preposterous if i dare not commend the  efforts and selfless contributions of Antai's  unwavering interest in creating face-lift cynosure towards the development of Oron Federal constituency.

Though, this to some will amount to nothing but, permit me to outline for your perusal legacies of VICTOR ANTAI whilst we set to make our choice of candidate to represent ESD as our Senator come 2019. 

Notwithstanding, while we begin to dance to the tunes and sounds of drum beats by aspirants,  we should not fail to be conscious of nominating and electing a vibrant and politically energetic candidate vested with diverse creative ideas and capacity as our Sentaor. 

Scanning through the lists  of remarkable records of Victor Antai; as outlined below, am sure convinced our conscience will guide us accordingly. 

• Construction/Building of a storey building class room Block at comprehensive Secondary School, Ebughu. 
This, if objectively assess  in engineering standpoint, it will be rated as the best planned, best layout , best equipped and the first approved (Mbo LGA), which was also renovated and equipped by the Hon. commissioner for culture and tourism Rt. Hon Victor Antai; during his tenure as the local Government Chairman. 

• Rt. Hon. Victor Antai; in his pursuit to give life meaning and to help curb youth restiveness has facilitated employment for several Indigenes of Oro into Oil Servicing Companies  and ExxonMobil.

• This noble leader whom many refer to as "Mr.Capacity" has single handedly built  secondary school in the community where teachers salaries are paid by him. This secondary school is fully equipped with about 25 Desk Top computers to aide in encouraging (ICT) skills for the people in the area.

• This workaholic, unimpeachable and indefatigable culture and Tourism commissioner, base on his visionary foresight in changing the pace and phase of development in Oron nation through academic excellence has awarded scholarships to over  (126) indigenes of Oro nation studying in tertiary institutions 
( University And Polytechnic).

• Mr. Capacity whose passion for creative ideas flows in an high frequency has sponsored the empowerment and training of over (100), indigenes from Oron Federal constituency in various field of specialized entrepreneurial skills development  which includes; Welding and Fabrication, ICT/Computer maintenance & Repairs, Computer Software/website designing & software Development, Advance Automobile maintenance and Diagnostic Training, Catering, Aluminium Windows fabrication &  installation etc.

• Having understood the stress and pains caused to people in the rural areas due to lack of electricity, Victor Antai; in an attempt to ensure governance is duly consolidated to the grassroot has partner with the Akwa Ibom State Inter-ministerial and Direct Labour committee to provide stable Electricity to four communities in Mbo LGA.

• As a sport loving leader with interest in grooming young stars, Rt.Hon.Victor Antai; has left an indelible legacies by building a stadium in Mbo and an Administration block in the council to enhance effective administration  in government.

• The ministry of culture and Tourism was hitherto, at a moribund status until the coming of this maestro of culture and Tourism whose  landmark achievements in the ministry of culture and Tourism vis-a-vis equitable leadership is worth celebrating with ovations.  

• Hon.Victor Antai; whose generosity and humility has endeared him to many, through his committed and avowed dedication towards  community services has single handedly facilitated  building of a classroom Block at lquita primary school, located opposite the residence of a former minister for housing and urban Renewal. 

• Nevertheless, the saying that health is wealth as demonstrated by Rt. Hon.Victor Antai; is a clear indication that the later has designed good intentions to partner with Udom Emmanuel administration to provide efficient healthcare services and solutions to the common man. 

The above illustrated is clearly stated by financing the construction/building, commissioning and equipping of a health centre in his community. 

Sincerely, i can vision the resuscitation of the glorious years of our rich cultural, resourceful and united senatorial district should we drop sentiment, greed, irrational assessment and campaign of calumny by  embracing and encouraging  RT. HON. VICTOR ANTAI;  for  Eket Senatorial District  seat come 2019.





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