Saturday, October 7, 2017

RIP to Ibom Specialist Hospital, Uyo

The death of Ibom Specialist hospital is imminent, Akwa Ibomites must wake to their responsibility of protecting facilities built with Tax payers money.

The story of the Ibom Specialist Hospital is a pathetic one, this story will break your heart.

Ibom Specialist Hospital (ISH) was established by the Senator Godswill Akpabio during his tenure as Akwa Ibom State Governor. In 2015, the hospital was officially launched and operations began 6 months later. The hospital is operated by medical professionals paid by the state government to train and also carry out medical operations. The hospital began operations with 150 expatriates mostly made up of Indians.

Early last year some foreign based consultants wanted to take over the management of  Ibom Specialist Hospital,  the first question our Governor asked was why were they bothered with the hospital? He told them he could build a brand new ultra modern Specialist hospital in Awa, Onna for them to manage, the consultants were shocked,  they gave him many reasons why such a venture would be a total waste as the ISH was going to be grounded and may likely shut down. 

The Governor now told them he wasn't going to be able to terminate the existing contract except they were ready to pay $100M USD to the consultant as stipulated fee for breach of contract,  the consultant answered in the negative,  that was almost impossible, their financiers wouldn't  be able to raise such funds to pay off the consultants.

The second option was to wait until the contract with the managing consultant expired, of course that wasn't a workable idea, the only option left was to murder the hospital indirectly by starving it of funds.

The plan to kill the hospital started at Reigners Church, somebody removed the scaffolds, the roof crashed, over 200 lives were lost, 300 souls were admitted at Ibom Specialist Hospital, none of the bills accruing from the treatment of patients at the hospital was paid.

The Governor had promised to pay for treatment of the affected person, not a dime was remitted to the hospital as payment.

Recently the Commissioner for Health Dr Ukpong had said the Hospital was only 10% completed yet it could handle over 300 out patients and 70 in patients, how does that work? If the hospital wasn't fully functional and the Commissioner took over 400 patients there for admission then he should be made to resign, he had knowingly risked the lives of those patient.

The Commissioner said N41B was the actual cost of completing the hospital, an accounting firm Pricewater had put the estimated figure at N35b, while the previous government said it built the hospital with N30b, so who is fooling who?

We all consider these as not mere allegations of widespread and systematic corruption in the present government as they amount to crimes against humanity and therefore clear violations of the oath of office Udom Emmanuel took on May 29, 2015.

Gov Udom Emmanuel, is at war with himself, he is bent at eroding the legacies of his former boss and the high point is taking down the ibom Specialist hospital.

Akwa Ibomites should begin to ask questions before this political novice will destroy everything our hard earned resources was invested in because of his ego.

If this is allowed to continue, it will be saddening to note that corruption, ineptitude and total lack of leadership skills will almost become the fundamental objective and directive principle that would spread to all organs, ministries, commissions, agencies and officials of the State Government under Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel; and the generation yet unborn would be in great shock their future has been wiped away.

It therefore behoves on every sincere Akwa Ibomite not to be lackadaisical but become a stakeholder in this project against those who now bestrode the state like lord of manors without any serious efforts being made to have them face the wrath of our laws for their crimes against the impoverished and suffering populace. 

By 2019, we will collectively gang up against them because we are stronger together and to stop living at the mercy of these profligate, corrupt and rapacious government and her agents. 

Enough is enough!

Michael Ekpo 




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