Saturday, October 7, 2017

A Note of Appreciation To Governor Udom Emmanuel by Edet, Edet Friday

His Excellency,

I find it compeling to scribble this note of appreciation to you for your rigorous pursuit in transmogrifying the face of humanity with insertions that paints a picture of true and genuine leadership as the captain of team A'Ibom.

It will amount to ingratitude if i should shroud your act of benevolence to me in secrecy,  not bringing to the knowledge of all A'Ibomites and the world at large your dispensed humanitarian and patriotic ethos, of which i believe others, even critics are clandestinely benefiting.

Last week, i went through a successful surgery from a complicated "inquinal herniorrhaphy" in a private health facility in Eket, Akwa Ibom State, where the both sides of my groin were dissected, fortified and recertified.

The cost of the surgery in this recessive economy wouldn't have been possible if not for your swift response to my SOS.

I will say Akwa Ibom is blessed, blessed in the sense that we do not just have a Governor who is poised to deliver on Industrialisation and infrastructural renaissance as promised during the electioneering days, but a Governor who feels the pangs of his people with handy mitigation strategies.

You helped me not because I hail from ONNA, not because we are related, but because I am an A'Ibomite whom you promised to lead without biases.

The iReporters Family owe you a timeless debt of gratitude and pray that your wishes be accompanied with testimonies, your future endeavours be hitch free and we will remain undeterred in dessiminating your developmental strides till the expiration of your tenure in 2023.

Thank you His Excellency.



Edet, Edet Friday

Member of the Federated Chapel NUJ





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