Saturday, October 28, 2017

Esit Eket Councillorship Candidate makes another History today

The councillorship candidate of Peoples Democratic Party in Ward 7 EsitEket LGA makes another history by leading the youths of Etebi Ward 7 to participate in the monthly clean up exercise (sanitation). 

The Afana Market in Ward 7 which has been overtaken by bush due to abandonment has been today cleared by the Youths of Ward 7 led by the PDP candidate Hon Engr Mkpong Isangedighi  who commenced the work by himself by exactly 7.20am this morning, others who trooped into the exercise include the pioneer PDP Ward Chairman Apostle Etim Idea, Chapter officer of PDP Mr Darus Nkwo,  DG Kiniabasi Campaign organization SCS Martin Umoyo, Youth President Esio and others so numerous to mention. 

The Youths expressed satisfaction with the choice of Engr Mkpong Isangedighi to represent the Ward while pledging their unalloyed and unflinching loyalty to PDP in the Dec 2nd General elections and beyond.




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