Wednesday, January 26, 2022

2023: Why I denied nursing any Guber ambition at Lagos retreat — Pastor Umo Eno

Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Lands and Water Resources, Hon Pastor Umo Eno has denied nursing any ambition to contest the 2023 Governorship election. Eno stated this when accosted by some of his core loyalists on Monday in Uyo, after the Lagos retreat hosted by the State Government for members of the Akwa Ibom State Executive Council in Lagos. 

During the retreat, Governor Udom Emmanuel asked all members of the State Executive Council having the intention to contest for any elective position in 2023 to show by the lifting of hands. The Governor’s Chief of Staff, Obong Ephraim Inyangeyen raised his hand and told the Governor he is interested in contesting the Eket Senatorial seat, Commissioner for Special Duties, Rt. Hon Okpolupm Etteh also raised his hands and told the Governor he has a House of Representatives ambition, while Commissioner for Economic Development and Ibom Deep Seaport, Mr Akan Okon raised his hand and told the Exco that he is interested in the Governorship seat.

Surprisingly, Pastor Umo Eno’s hands were down. Even when other shocked members of Exco looked at him, he still could not have the courage to lift his hands. Also, Commissioner for Agriculture, Dr Glory Edet who is rumoured to be eyeing the Ini/Ikono federal constituency seat also did not lift up her hands before the Governor.

Defending his decision to have not lifted up his hands, Pastor Umo Eno said he did so because the Governor’s step brother, Mr Gabriel Nkanang had hinted him that such a question will come up during the retreat and warned him not to lift up his hand when asked because those who signify interest for any elective position in 2023 will be asked to resign from the cabinet.

“I belong to the inner cartel of the Governor. Those you lifted their hands are not members of the inner caucus and I know about four Commissioners who are contesting elections in 2023 who did not raise their hands”.

“When the time is right, in about eight days from now, the Governor will adopt me as his successor having heard from God. I am not the one who wants this election. They are the ones who are saying God has told them I am the anointed one”.

“Gloria Edet for example is contesting for House of Representatives but she never raised her hand. This should tell you that I know what I am doing. Even Akan Okon who signified interest for the Governorship was told by His Excellency to continue if he heard from God”, Umo Eno said.

The Lands and Water Resources Commissioner further explained to his core men that if they study the body language of the Governor, they will see that he winning the ticket is a done deal.

“My brother, have you seen any of the core MPM leaders follow any other Governorship aspirant apart from me? When last did you see either Enobong Uwah, Monty, Enoidem or Prince Akpabio follow any other person apart from me? Even my private consultations are handled by them”.

“The issue of the Chief of Staff raising his hands should not even come in because the Governor no longer has confidence in him. Ephraim Inyangeyen is only answering Chief of Staff by name but has no power because he is supporting Bassey Albert for Governor against the Governor Emmanuel’s wish”, he said.

Umo Eno said his supporters should not worry over his non-raising of hands as the Governor will during the next Exco meeting this week in Uyo ask those who raised their hands in Lagos to resign and only those the Governor wants to support for 2023 will remain in the exco.

“You guys don’t know what I know. When the Governor gave me a bulletproof car did he give such to any other Commissioner? It is God that has revealed that I will be Governor and nobody can stop Udom from producing a successor of his choice”, Umo Eno stated and urged his supporters to remain calm and be focused and pray for his victory which he said is divine.




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