Tuesday, August 4, 2020

As Hon Mkpong Isangedighi Set to Bow Out of Office as Councillor Ward 7, Esit Eket LGA

By Ime Ben 

In few months, the present local government administration in Akwa Ibom State will wine down. 

In line with the above, the Councillor representing Ward 7 in the present Esit Eket Legislative Council is dusting files, getting set to bow out. 

The exit of Hon Mkpong Isangedighi from the council as a Councillor no doubt, would be well described as a triumphant exit, not just for the people of Ward 7, in Esit Eket, but to the entire Esit Eket LGA and Akwa Ibom State as the whole. 

During his tenure as the councillor that is currently wining down, Mkpong Isangedighi has touch so many lives, built many hopes and cause hundreds to smile. 

In the area of community development services, Mkpong Isangedighi has contributed in no small measure to ensure the training of not just Youths from Ward 7 but across the entire 10 wards of the LGA in oil and gas skill areas, this gesture is the first of its kind since the creation of EsitEket. 

Hon. Mkpong Isangedighi will be remembered in Etebi Community as the whole as a bridge of development and one who spearheaded the peaceful coexistence of the Etebi group of villages after several years of internal conflict. 

During his tenure, regular monthly sanitation in Ward 7 and in the popular Urua Afana has come to stay courtesy of this Hon. Councillor among other community development services. 

As this Honorable Councillor is about to bow out, everyone can attest to the fact that he has set the pace for the next phase. He has written his name in gold and has not betrayed the people who sent him, but made them proud. 

He that is faithful in little can also be faithful in plenty as you climb the political ladder Etebi people pray God to grant you higher political portfolio in other to render more services to the good people of Etebi.

Rehabilitation of Water project in Etebi Idung Ita

Monthly Sanitation exercise has been restored in Ward 7

Certification of graduants in oil and gas sector trained by Hon Mkpong Isangedighi

Hon Mkpong Isangedighi facilitated the support of Esit-Eket people towards the second term re-election bid of Governor Udom Emmanuel Using traditional music.

Reaching out to the orphanage
Empowerment of Market Women for economic viability


Inauguration of Afana Market Committee as part of oversight function  to enhance effective business relationship

Promoting peace in Etebi Group of Villages using our Cultural Heritage

Donate of Bicycle to the Town Crier during Ward briefing for enhancing effective service delivery

Win Trophies and several medals for EsitEket local government Area as the Chairman House Committee on Education Youths and Sports

Has received several Award of Excellence from various institutions in Esit-Eket as the best performing Councillor.

Has also received a Chieftency tittle from the traditional institution in recognition of his contributions to humanity.

Oh Hon. Mkpong Isangedighi, in deed, Etebi Community and Esit Eket will miss you. See you at the top! 




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