Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ekweremadu Fights Saraki? To Work For APC, Presidency

Information reaching us from the FCT, Abuja today are pretty sensational

Deputy senate president Ike Ekweremadu is said to be in the process of taking a very drastic decision. He is tired of the PDP and angry with his boss, Senate president Bukola Saraki. The matter is so serious right now.

But what is the offence of Saraki with Ekweremadu?

From what we gathered from insiders, Saraki did not do anything wrong against Ekweremadu as such, but the action of the PDP to downplay his importance after giving his position to Saraki - PDP leader - is the main issue.

Ekweremadu was happy when Saraki was in APC as senate president because he was then the most senior PDP member in government and recognized as PDP leader.

But as soon as Saraki returned to PDP everything changed, nobody gives him (Ekweremadu) attention as he was used to already. And he believes it is the presence of Saraki as PDP leader that made Atiku Abubakar pick Peter Obi as his running mate without consulting him (Ekweremadu).

Expectedly, the APC is trying to benefit from the saga. He is said to be considering joining and working for the APC, as the Presidency is looking at having the Deputy Speaker (they already do) and Deputy Senate President (Ekweremadu) since they can't succeed in removing Saraki.




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