Tuesday, August 21, 2018

SHOCKING: CBN Officer Who Belonged To "Secret Society" Dies Mysteriously In Abuja

Things, strange things, are happening. A Pair of black slippers, a wrist watch, a Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) identity card number 14749, an ATM card and a CBN business card. These are all that are left to identify a man whose family members reported missing.

Also displayed yesterday in Abuja were his belt and pieces of the last shirt he wore.

The grim truth is that Mr. Michael Iorkohol is dead...

He was allegedly killed by two suspects – Alfred Leonard and Samson Agbo – who were paraded by the police yesterday.

The late Iorkohol’s business card shows that he worked in the Internal Audit Department of the CBN. This could not be immediately confirmed by The Nation last night.

Iorkohol, according to the police, was initially reported missing by his family members before his body was found in Piyako community in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

The items were recovered during investigation into Iorkohol’s death.

FCT Police Commissioner Bala Ciroma said: “The Command has recorded another milestone in its fight against crime, with the arrest of one Alfred Leonard; 29 years and Samson Agbo, 37, who conspired and murdered one Michael Iorkohol 47 years.

“Initially, the family reported a case of a missing person at Karu Division on 17th July, 2018 at about 1930hrs but during investigation, we got to know that principal suspect, Alfred Leonard, was the last person seen with him.

“Following the circumstances surrounding his mysterious disappearance, Leonard who was last sighted with the deceased was arrested in Kaduna after discreet investigation.

“The suspect confessed during interrogation that he conspired with one Samson Agbo to murder the deceased whose body was recovered from the bush at Piyako Community.”

But while narrating his involvement in the murder, Leonard said:
“Mike was somebody who was sick and I was treating him for eight months. I was giving him medicine because he had a bulging stomach.

“He told me that he was in secret society and begged me not to tell his family members about it. They know me in his family. I advised him to go back to the society and return whatever belonged to them.

“He also told me that they had given him an hour to die on Sunday and he would die. He begged me to kill him but I declined because I am a Jukun by tribe and it is a crime to kill in my place.

“My friend Agbo was there when everything transpired. Mike asked my friend to scratch his back, saying if he didn’t, and the hour given to him to die passed that his daughters would also die.

He added: “I did not kill Mike with my hands. Mike begged to be killed. I did not kill him with my hand. I told him to die by himself. I opted to take him home. Mike then told my colleague that he should scratch his back and once blood came out, he would die.

“We only helped him. We didn’t kill him because we wanted anything from him. My friend scratched his back and he died.”

The suspects would be arraigned in court on completion of investigation.




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