Thursday, July 12, 2018


By Rev Richard Peters

Ordinarily, I would not have made any opinion on this, due to the fact that I have been widely accused, punished, tortured and blackmailed in the course of my political comments. Again, as a priest, many people hold the view that I should only center on preaching the gospel than to meddle into politics, and I keep wondering why they are equating me with a regular politician when actually I have unequivocally stated on different fora that I'm not a party man, they are forgetting that even the Holy Book strongly stated that when the righteous is on the throne the people rejoice but the people suffer when the wicked like the Rtd General Buhari rules.

The purpose of this opinion is not to cause tension but to remind the PDP, a party that once prided itself as the  largest political party is Africa to make all efforts in reclaiming this country, and position it strategically to save the lives of Nigerians. 

PDP ruled Nigeria for 16 years, throughout the period under review, everything was moving very well, life was a bit better not until the Rtd General Buhari under then ACN, CPC came on board to clinch Power but failed woefully, and started fermenting violence.

I can vividly remember sometimes ago when the Retired General was so  greedy for power, at his 2nd attempt  which he failed, he was quoted as saying that "he will make Nigeria ungovernable", thereby launching all kinds of attack on the then Goodluck Johnathan regime.

A point came when Nigerians began to feel guilty that they have denied one who has been "anointed" to take Nigeria to the promised land the opportunity to serve. He even broke down in tears, and cried that he had offered himself to save this country from imminent collapse, but Nigerians denied him the chance. As you know that Nigerians always forget history, they bought into the propaganda, and gave him sympathy votes to the Rtd General. However he manipulated the electoral system to assume the position, no one knows. But what Nigerians do know is that he only needed the position, and not responsibility. Every position goes with responsibility, but he has taken one which mattered to him more than service.

Today, Nigerians have regretted their actions. And never again will the country be fooled into believing that Satan is the saviour.

Since then, cases of human rights abuses, senseless killings with Presidential immunity, persecution of members of opposition parties, particularly the PDP, attack on the Judiciary, war against the Legislature, Lack of respect for rule of law, poverty, hunger, unemployment, recession and depression, careless and embarrassing rhetorics even on international platforms, falsehood and intimidating lies, denial of promises made, emotional blackmail on Nigerians, witch-hunting,  lack of respect for Federal Character, hyper-headed corruption scandal, certificate forgery, marginalisation, to mention but a few.

The questions begging for answers are: Have we learnt our lessons yet? Do we still want to continue like this? 

Even the All Progressives Congress that prides itself as a formidable one is decorated with leakages, lack of internal democracy, internal fights, quarrels, abuse of power, and what have you? Today, the APC has not only been broken, it has been emasculated. It is not even standing on one leg, but it is crawling. The party has failed Nigerians, and must be voted out with all forces. 

It is time for the PDP to step up like the eagles. The party should mount up with wings and help the country from disintegration. Never in the history of Nigeria have we been so divided like now. Never in the history of Nigeria's democracy have we been this persecuted by the very Rtd General who swore to defend us. Never in the history of this country have we been subjected to hunger, pain, brutality, death, etc, by the very person who claimed to be our messiah.

Now, all odds favour PDP, as far as 2019 is concerned. The Umbrella party must learn from the past mistakes. Internal democracy is the key. Aggrieved members should be persuaded and reconciliation done immediately. They should not forget the people like Sheriff , who was a mole in PDP still exist. Hence , they must be very smart.

It is time for the PDP to launch out in full force. They should assess and front a sellable candidate. One who will decimate the present government to its knees from all angles. The clueless APC government should be removed for Nigeria to survive. Already, the country is tilting towards anarchy. It must be stopped forthwith. It is time for the PDP to come together and take over. Eagles don't fear, they are strong, visionary and proactive. This is what is expected of the Peoples Democratic Party.




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