Monday, July 30, 2018


By; Ifreke Udoyo.

The need for an effective and efficient Waste Management System in Eket Metropolis motivated this study. Poor control of solid and toxic waste leads to human and environmental degradation through epidemics, visual unpleasantness, ecological devastation and environmental pollution.

The objectives of this study are to ascertain the reasons for persistent problem of waste management in Eket Metropolis despite all the efforts made by the Chairman Hon. Franks Archibong to combat the problems.

To expose ways waste management can be turned into lucrative business and be made more attractive and easier for control by Eket Metropolis Residents are, first. Let's understand that According to the World Bank , Africa generates nearly 70 million tonnes of waste every year. As the income and spending power of the average African continues to rise, more goods will be consumed leading to even more waste.

With this the volume of waste generated on our State is expected to double in the coming years as Akwa Ibom State economy becomes more prosperous and the size and population of its cities explode.

A few smart entrepreneurs are turning the huge waste we produce every day into money-making products. It’s such a brilliant idea that profits your pockets and the environment at the same time. Let’s explore the interesting business opportunities in the world of waste and how you can turn this ignored and overlooked commodity into wealth…

More waste is generated in cities and towns than in rural villages. Recent studies show that the higher the rate of economic development and urbanization, the greater the volume of waste produced.

While it may not be one of the most popular business ideas out here,  a few smart Nigerians are already building wealth from waste and creating jobs for hundreds of People's. The success of these inspiring entrepreneurs proves that there can be profitable business ideas in very unlikely and niche parts of our society.

Let me cast our minds to what we see around us today, scrap buyers are everywhere in our society(popularly called Aboki) partnered with waste management company in Nigeria own by wealthy citizens to build wealth from the huge volumes of plastic, metals, paper, waste generated in our society.

Waste are been collected, process and recycle for future use. The end product is supplied to different manufacturers who use it to make jeans, carpets, tennis balls and several other stuff that find their way back to our markets as new products.

To evaluate the effects of the use of sophisticated equipments by Akwa Ibom State government and others NGO's on the waste evacuation rate in Eket Metropolis, all hands most be on desk to tackle waste management in our society.

There are a number of opportunities entrepreneurs which can exploit in Nigeria’s large and growing waste market. Our representatives in green and red chambers show educate government to see need in investing on projects like waste management and recycling in different constituency rather than using the government funds for unprofitable projects which they so-called empowerment.

Many individuals, households and businesses are very willing to pay waste and refuse collectors to get rid of their full (and often overflowing) garbage bins and cans.

Most collectors charge a flat monthly fee for the service or charge customers every time a collection is made. I believe if this collectors can partner with the government it will be a huge success for less privilege who can't afford to pay for waste bills by providing dumpster at every streets end and will also give room for employment in our society.

We all know that the common way of collecting solid waste from neighbourhoods or business premises is to use a waste collection vehicle like a garbage truck (or dustbin lorry). Unlike in the past when most people found it easy and convenient to dump their garbage in authorized dumpsites which end up blocking drains and causing environmental hazards. As such, with waste control measures Akwa Ibom State, Eket LGA can be more environmentally responsible.

Dumpster are used for disposing of household refuse, it should be located in the rightful designated place for waste disposal for a given location. Indiscriminate dumping of refuse in unauthorized designations is wrong and unlawful, as such it should be disposed off at the dumpsters provided nearest to our place of residence. The waste collected can be dumped at approved landfills or waste processing facilities.

The key to success in the waste collection business is to get a lot of clients to sign up. Some easy targets include: Households, offices, bars, restaurants, hotels, workshops, construction sites, industries/factories, shops and markets.

This study was guided using research questions and some hypothesis. Few weeks ago, the state Government has appointed a committee on waste management in Akwa Ibom State and i humbly appeal to the committee to look into positive tasks to support in waste disposal in the State.

Futhermore, states in the federation also have Laws aimed at safeguarding the environment. In Akwa Ibom State, the Environmental Protection and Waste Management Agency Law established the Environmental Protection and Waste Management Agency vested with the responsibilities which include identifying and proffering solutions to environmental protection problems in Akwa Ibom, and monitoring and enforcing environmental protection standards and regulations. But today, I wonder if this department is active?

From my research, it is meant to understand that  the fight for waste control can be achieve with the help of supervisors for environment in all the local government councils in the state. The Fight to control waste product is necessary in our different communities and will help reduce the blockage of drainage which causes erosion and destroying of lives and properties of our people.

According to this analysis, this will also bring about job creation to individuals in the state that will be willing to work with the sector and tax collection by government for private firms in the state.

The Governor of Akwa Ibom State, His Excellency Mr Udom Emmanuel is a visionary leader and with vast development project in Eket Metropolis in regards to the Ubran Underground Drainage, Idua Road erosion control ongoing at Idua river and others is a sure development to control erosion.

But to achieve this, are drainage need to be kept free from waste materials by residents. Which only can be successful by introducing the walkway basket, dumpster, and a taskforce team to monitor the development.

The slogan "OPERATION KEEP EKET CLEAN" in my own views can give birth to a new development which will take Eket to a greater height. Waste management agency should align with government to see that waste product is not a problem to our society.

The instruments used for my research consist of Oral Interviews and relevant records and materials.Findings from the study suggested that the organization to fight proper disposal of waste product in our area faces a lot of problems which ranges from finance, personnel, equipments, public communication to various aspects of managerial functions like planning, organizing and controlling etc. Governmental supports including regular government subventions and institution of proper physical planning, good accounting control for revenue used.

Therefore, looking deeply at all this issues. Fines collection and sufficient equipment procurement will also  appear to be the foundation stone for effective and efficient Waste Management, not forgetting maintenance culture for those equipment, jingles and radio announcement should be made to educate residents and car users on the need for waste bins in their various vehicles, with this Eket will be clean indeed and give an healthy environment for living.




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