Wednesday, June 6, 2018


... Scramble for Houses expected  
... It will be the best estate  ever - Nya Etok  

By Osondu Ahirika 

The Federal Government has fulfilled the pledge to provide infrastructure in the Novone  Social Housing Estate, Ikot Ntuen, Uyo Local Government Area as contractors handling access and internal roads, water and electricity projects have been mobilized to site. 
Breaking the news to journalists,  Renowned Social Housing advocate and the Principal Partner of Novone Consult Limited, an Estate Management Firm, Arc. Ezekiel Nya Etok, expressed gratitude to the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration for matching words action and commencing the provision of Basic infrastructure for the would be home owners and residents of the Estate. 
Arc. Nya Etok who disclosed that, this is the only Social Housing Estate targeted at middle income earners, especially civil servants in the whole of the South South region, lauded the Minister for Works, Housing and Power, Mr Fashola for the quick response in enabling take - off of the projects after his official inspection of the site two months ago. 

Arc. Nya Etok again reiterated his determination to deliver a Social Housing project that will set the template on Estate management in the country, with the best facilities and environmentally friendly concept charging Akwa Ibom people, particularly civil servants to grab the opportunity of buying homes in the scheme before it is late. 

Arc. Nya who conducted newsmen around the Novone Social Housing Estate  located  at Ikot Ntuen  village, opposite University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, in Uyo, the capital city of Akwa Ibom State, explained that Road, power and general water and land scaping reticulatio has commenced in earnest around the Estate, a Federal project, with private partnership and is therefore open to every Nigerian, irrespective of creed, tribe, party affiliation or status. 
While noting that, the estate is conceived to be comfortable for the rich to live in and the poor to own, Arc Nya Etok said security concerns have been addressed as there will be a
Central CCTV with night vision, to cover the entire estate with twenty four hours surveillance. Describing it as, 'The most secure estate ever conceived for positive Empowerment of the would be owners, he assured that, Completion of first phase by November 1, 2018 is a given. 

On social services, Arc. Nya Etok disclosed that, there will be no room for private borehole as a water company that is currently sinking industrial borehole will supply water twenty four hours and houses will be metered so as to pay tokens for the services. He added that, the same provision is made for gas and power, stressing that,  a solar power provider will add another line to back up the main electricity grid so that twenty four hours of power will be guaranteed to eliminate noise pollution from generators. 
Insisting that he envisioned a Dream estate that is affordable, Nya Etok said, he invited newsmen to see firsthand, the progress made in the estate which has taken a new shape, with many units nearing completion, adding that, he was unafraid to open up the project for inspection of the high quality of Materials used in building it

Arc.  Nya-Etok  who poured encomiums on the Akwa Ibom State Government for donating the land, charged Akwa Ibom people to rush now and buy homes in the Estate before others who have an eye for future security and investment buy them up. He maintained that, he anticipates a scramble for homes as soon as the infrastructure is completed in the next few weeks. 

While insisting that, the estate provides a perfect example where the Federal and State government have successfully collaborated without bias for party or political differences, Arc. Nya Etok assured that, sooner than later, the estate will be fully occupied and acquired by people, expressing hope that, it could become one of the first projects in the Housing sub sector to be commissioned by President  Muhammed Buhari. 

Arc Nya Etok further revealed that, the estate which will be fully gated, is also set to benefit from the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, as discussions have reached advanced stages, for the agency to provide fencing around the estate. 

According to Nya Etok, the Housing units in the estate are already up for sale, for an introductory price of 7 million Naira and 8. 5 million Naira for a three bedroom flat, with extra  toilet, stressing that, this gesture targets civil servants and middle class income earners, or those who want to own a home for the first time. 

Arc. Nya Etok urged Akwa Ibom people who are thinking of owning a home, in what is conceived to be the best estate in this part of the country, with effective planning, provision of social services, amenities, security, infrastructure, with particular attention to greenery in the environment, should make haste to grab the golden opportunity and buy a home in the estate. 

Those who wish to buy a unit or more in the estate are advised to find details about the acquisition by logging unto Novone




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