Sunday, June 24, 2018


During an interaction with one of the media aides to the Governor, I felt there was a need to compliment his efforts in his avowed commitment to the management of the image of his principal ( the Governor) , I told him he deserves an award for his loyalty, procreativity and touch of excellence. With a shrug obviously vested in sincerity and humility, he told me "if there is anyone that deserves an award, it should be Mr. Ekerette Udoh, Senior Special Assistant on Media/ Chief Press Secretary to the Governor. He went ahead to ask me if I can imagine what it means for someone to be writing everyday of his life for public consumption without typos, blunders, etc.; it therefore meant that man barely sleeps, even if he does, he has limited sleeping time, and must be professionally inclined to attain to the suiting needs in every sphere, as far as his principal has to give a speech.

Few minutes of unplanned discuss exposed the flair and intellectual flourishes of that man behind every speech of His Excellency, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, it also played the brand (Udoh) birthed through the dint of hard work, focus and passion for excellence thus, flipping also through the voluminous pages of his positive impaction in humanity.

As a former columnist in ThisDay Newspaper and the Vice Chairman of News of the World Newspaper, Ekerette Udoh, Chief Press Secretary to Governor Udom Emmanuel has carved a niche in the journalistic profession through his informative, creative and ethical practices, which defines him an archetype of a well informed and intelligent writer, vested with the requisite expository knowledge that cuts across all the fields.

Ekerette's brilliant exhibition in his professional career has crested his name on the stone of prolific media practitioners with honours that includes; Harold Stolerman Award for Excellence in English – 2004, Joseph Geist Award for Excellence in American History – 2004, New York State Senate for Outstanding work on Community Relations – 2012 with numerous Diasporic award nominations.

In his quest to deepen and extend the frontiers of media content and appeal, he developed a leadership template that provides direction, plans implementation, and people's motivation in every facet of media practice, building bridges for dedicated and 'eager-to-learn persons' to climb to stardom.

Aside the chain of blue ribbons tied to his professional attainment, Mr. Udoh lines behind humanitarians and patriots who sees human development as a catalyst to achieve a burden free society; where people can live in Utopia and self dependency, devoid of rancor, envy and hatred.

In achieving these, Mr Ekerette Udoh became a great contributor to the rising or great men, following the footsteps of His Excellency, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, who have touched many lives in different and special ways, both in his community and state at large.

Just like Albert Einstein scribbled "The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving." Ekerette Udoh has placed his value on the altar of sacrifice and service to humanity; contributing morally, financially, technically to the wants of his people; alleviating their poverty and defining the future of those with uncertain and blur tomorrow.

If I am to dust the archive of his kindness to the fore, the list of his life touching programs will be endless, the chronicled names of beneficiaries will continue to swell, while the tutored will always fill the gap in every media related job openings.

I make bold to say that the other side of the Senior Special Assistant on Media/ Chief Press Secretary to Governor Emmanuel, Mr. Ekerette Udoh is beyond those catchy and interesting write-ups we hear the governor read, but has a face that feel the pangs of humanity and works assiduously to mitigates it.

I am always true to myself even in the hazard of incurring others ridicule than to be false and incur my abhorrence.

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