Monday, May 14, 2018



The biggest employer of labour in Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria's Most Awarded Telecoms Partner, Mr Unyime Idem, CEO of Idems Ultimate and Chairman Stanford Microfinance Bank Limited has been declared wanted by the good people of Ukanafun/Oruk Anam Federal Constituency. This declaration is in connection with the vacancy that exists at the Green Chambers of the National Assembly Three Arms Zone FCT Abuja come 2019. Declaring him wanted and given the lacuna that currently exists in the constituency; the people are in dire need of a representative and leader with the selfless mien, Character, Capacity and Competence. For all intents and purposes, Mr Unyime Idem fits into that shoe and possesses all the criteria set by those who declared him wanted. 

In terms of character, he has never been found wanting. It has never been reported that he engaged in shady deals or defrauded another. Over time, he has built a good name for himself based on integrity, honesty, diligence, and discipline. For me, this one is clean and his yes is his yes. He is a very unassuming gentleman who considers all as equals and never segregates. Here is a man whose life is guided by core values of excellence, mentoring, service, passion, aggressiveness, capacity, teamwork and stability. His vision is to ensure human development and service to humanity. His actions have remained positive as they have helped to promote the greatest good for the greatest number. 

In term of capacity, I give him 1000%. Mr Idem superintends over 8 different companies with 500 direct staff, 901 sub dealers and 3200 appointed retailers. He is into partnership with reputable telecom giants and other blue chip firms whose impact are heavily felt in Akwa Ibom state such as MTN, AIRTEL, GLOBACOM, 9MOBILE, Dangote Cement PLC, United Cement PLC, Samsung Communications INC, Nokia, LG Mobile, Dell Computers and HP Computers. Others are Central Bank of Nigeria, Bank of Industry, Bank of Agriculture, African Development Bank, Small and Medium Scale Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), German Development Bank, International Finance Cooperation, etc. He facilitated the donation of 4 security patrol vehicles to Akwa Ibom state government in 2014 by MTN Communications Limited. He facilitated the installation of GSM Base Stations in several rural communities in Akwa Ibom State thereby connecting the state with the outside world. 

He has helped to change the civil service status of Akwa Ibom state to a commercial hub in Nigeria through his business indulgences. This he did by consistently engaging in organizing/sponsoring scores of business-based seminars/workshops for more than 6,000 young school leavers, grooming them to become entrepreneurs. He provides scholarships for indigent students, and empowerment schemes for the unemployed to enable them become self-reliant and successful. On a quarterly basis, he tours hospitals in his home state to offset bills of indigent patients unannounced. He has initiated and participated in the renovation of public buildings and road maintenance in some parts of the state. If a private man can do all these for his people, then it follows that he has what it takes to represent them. 

In terms of competence, Mr Idem is tested and trusted. Throw him into the Sahara desert, he will make the sand there buy goods from him. Given his competence in whatever he does, I may be tempted to say that he may have had Ibo blood like me running in his veins. From N45,000 Mr. Unyime Idem built his business into a world class conglomerate devoid of financial or management crises. Due to his competence, Mr. Idem has remained the leading telecoms partner in Nigeria for the last 5 years. In recognition/appreciation of his competence in the telecoms sector, Mr. Idem has been Best Performing MTN Partner in Nigeria, 2013 and 2014, again in 2015. Best Performing AIRTEL Partner in Nigeria, 2013, 2014 and 2015. He has also won and brought down to Akwa Ibom all the best cars AIRTEL, MTN, GLOBACOM and 9MOBILE could offer in the last 5 years. He has also carted away more than 20 telecoms award and 120 other awards in different field of endeavor. If all these are not as a result of competence, then someone should please educate me the more. 
Mr Unyime Idem remains the biggest business asset to Akwa Ibom state; he is the biggest employer of labour in the state after Akwa Ibom state government and AKTC. His businesses contribute significantly to the state economy by way of various taxes paid. With the likes of Mr. Idem at the National Assembly, Ukanafun/Oruk Anam Federal Constituency will experience a magic touch; I mean the same touch that Mr. Idem used to transform N45,000 business in 2005 to become a multimillion naira world class organization. Declaring Mr. Idem wanted reaffirms the words of Admiral Stockdale a one-time US Vice Presidential Candidate who said that, "Men of service and impact are never out of job and never out of followers; they do not pass this clime often. They are part of a rare breed of whom service is life itself."

It gladdens the heart of political watchers that such a heavy weight seeks to represent his people who will tap from his wealth of experience, pedigree, exposure and connection. It goes to also show that when a man accomplishes much as a private business man, he should be admitted into public office so that it will rub off on those he wants to represent. I have no doubt that he is the man to beat on this contest. Those whose responsibility it will be to nominate a candidate should look no further because here comes the Moses of our time and the UNYIMEABASI to lead the people of Ukanafun/Oruk Anam Federal Constituency to Eldorado.




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