Tuesday, May 8, 2018

BBNaija: Cee-C release latest Photos and Video for fans

Ever since the show ended, Cee-C as been doing great and making waves even more than the show winner. She posted some latest photos of her on IG, see below:
If you ever look at a person, look closely and see their true beauty. Look beyond the glasses and shades that cover the hidden tears. Take a good look. See the way everything is hidden?It’s not usually because of shyness. There’s more to all of it. There’s a soul there. It’s been running it’s entire life from it’s past. Fearing that for some reason it would be replicated again. This individual feels like it’s been haunted daily. All it ever wanted was to live in peace and love. We are not here to judge others. Every single human on this earth has a beautiful temple inside.Respect them as you wish to be respected..




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