Monday, April 23, 2018


The tussle for the legitimate leadership of Ilorin continues at the Kwara State court situated in the ancient city between Yoruba freedom and justice advocate group led by the renowned Islamic scholar and social activist, Chief Imam Yoruba of ilorin, and the Fulani leadership under the cover of Emirate led by the Emir of Ilorin. 

However, the former has been challenged by the Emirate over his, not only historical right, but also legitimate claim as the religious leader of his majority Yoruba ethnic community in the ancient city of Ilorin. 

Imam Yoruba is challenging the illogical status quo of the cardinal imamship system in the city that tactically under the Fulani ethnic hegemony aims at marginalizing the Yoruba in all ramifications especially in religion. 

Today, based on the recognition of Ilorin as multicultural community with Islam as the state religion, each ethnic group has its own religious leader like Imam Fulani for the Fulanis, Imam Gambari for the Hausa, Imam Imale for the Malian settlers and Imam Yoruba for the Yoruba host. 

However, the prejudice against the Office of Imam Yoruba is becoming too tribal and the injustice must be settled through legitimate means in the court of law. 

With the ongoing court proceedings, a lot of historical and legitimate evidences have unearthed to battle the opposition. 

And many Yoruba groups from in and around Ilorin especially Asa and Moro councils of the state, have come out to show solidarity to the Chief Imam Yoruba of Ilorin who doubled as the African Muslim Leader and Founder of United Yoruba Kingdom that is socially promoting Yoruba values in the Northern Nigeria. 

Just of recent, the First Iyalode of Northern Nigeria, Hajia Chief Hadiza Adekanola was installed under the umbrella of the organization. Many royal heads, prominent people from all works of life were in attendance. Yoruba leaders from all Northern Nigeria were present. All Iyalodes from the South-West graced the occasion in Ilorin. And kudos to the founder and promoter of the United Yoruba Kingdom, Chief Imam Yoruba of Ilorin.

Imam was in recent time, as part of recognition and acceptance by his kins men awarded the Olododo Adini by the foremost Islamic organization in Idi-Ape quarters of Ilorin led by the great Islamic scholar and preacher, Sheu Nigeria.

Today, the Muslim Yoruba who have been marginalized through tribal prejudice are ready to stand by their rights and in solidarity with their embattled leader to attain both Islamic and cultural freedom from the oppressors and hypocrites.

Oodua agbe wa ooo.

The case between the Chief Imam Yoruba of Ilorin and Emir of Ilorin has been adjourned to next month 16 May 2018.



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  1. Hello, Please take note that the news intro is misleading,“The tussle for the legitimate leadership of Ilorin continues” ,the leadership of Ilorin isn't debatable. Thanks.


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