Friday, March 30, 2018

Opinion: The Three Wasted Years of Buhari

By Fejiro Oliver, Abuja
If there is any lesson to learn from President Muhammadu Buhari's Presidency, its to applaud polygamy.
Even though the PDP have apologiesd for not governing Nigeria well in the past 16 years, most Nigerians will give this month tithe just to have PDP come back to power. As a person, I'm happy that I joined the train to take the PDP to purgatory, where they can purge themselves of the evil they wrecked on Nigeria, before tasting power again.

In monogamy, you will never appreciate your wife, until you jump into polygamy and experience the pepper body of a second wife.

Imagine you chasing a girl for years, giving her your money just too woo her. You spend all your day trying to make her fall in love with you, but she remains adamant to her boyfriend.

One fateful day, her lover beat her and inflicted her with injuries. You go to console her and in the process begin to tell her, how useless her lover is. You sweet talk her, make promises of El Dorado to her and promise to make the Angels her gate men as well as daily breakfast to be served her on the bed by you.
Viola, she falls for you, ditches her lover and follows you.

It's mostly a natural element of most men to take revenge on the lady for making him go through hell while chasing her. After sleeping with her, left, right and centre, the man no longer cares, but treat her like thrash, without fulfilling any promise he made.

This analogy is Buhari and Nigerians. He begged us for years to make him President, but we preferred our lover PDP, until they beat us with Chibok Girls, cause fuel scarcity, so much that banks and telecoms were shutting down by 1pm and made the dollar to gain value above the Naira in astronomical manner. We had to choice but to ditch them for Baba.

Buhari is punishing us for the rejection we gave him three times. Wail all you can, but he will punish you the more. He's a leaopard that can never change his skin, He's still a military man just wearing agbada.
Today made it three years that 15 million Nigerians plunged the destinies of 155 million Nigerians into poverty.

Three years of hunger
Three years of pain
Three years of anguish
Three years of disappointment
Three years of blame game
Three years of cluelessness
Three years of shame
Three years of bitterness
Three years of regret


F.O (God's Pen of Morality)




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