Tuesday, March 20, 2018


By Inyang, Victor

1. As a shrewd adherent of Christian standards and precept, Aniekan Umanah is a man who fears God. Most importantly, he has put such a great amount in the proliferation of christianity. No wonder he ascended to the position of a church Elder in Qua Iboe church of Nigeria, one of the churches with the most astounding standard of discipline and probity in our generation.

2. He is an erudite gentleman, well educated, accomplished and experienced in his chosen career. Having worked in notable organizations like Newswatch Magazine, Millennium Choice Technologies, USA. Also, having served as the information commissioner of 9 years it is pertinent that his wealth of experience will be of colossal advantage.

3. As a successful and insightful international businessman, who understands the basic rudiments in the management of funds, it is apparent that he will legitimately manage the tax payers money and touch the life of his teeming constituents significantly.

4. Umanah is compassionate. Record has it that he met the need of the people when he has the choice not to do so. The people of Abak/Etim Ekpo/Ika federal constituency can be rest assured that a man with such degree of magnanimity will surely do  more when he is voted in the Federal House of Representatives come 2019.

5. During the Uncommon Transformation Era, there was a man who went to a considerable lenght to ensure that the achievements of his erstwhile boss transcended  the shores of Nigeria. This man is Aniekan Umanah. No big surprise the diasporans educated us in Akwa Ibom state more often than not, on the highpoints of milestones attained by his then boss.

6. From the standpoint of bequeathing a perfect record in the wake of leaving office as the information boss of the state, Elder Umanah has never been found wanting in matters related to misappropriation of funds.

7. He is a grassrooter, 'a spouse to Abak women' and the darling of the youths. Permit me to use the word 'spouse' This is because he has massively and consistently touch the lives of the women of Abak by giving them life touching empowerment through his dear wife maureen. Schemes steered by Aniekan Umanah has left indelible marks in the lives of the people of Abak, both young and old.

8. As a master strategist, he has employed his professional acumen to ensure that information dissemination and management is digitalized in the state. Let me remind us that Elder Umanah ensured that the political history of Akwa Ibom was repositioned when he was the information boss of the state.

9. It is a known fact that the world today is driven by ICT. A legacy left behind by Aniekan umanah in this area will never be forgotten in the annals of Akwa Ibom history. Without fear of contradiction let us be reminded once again that Aniekan Umanah linked the state to the Global web through high-speed broadband and high-speed wireless technology. His mission to connect Akwa Ibom to the world was adequately achieved.

10. As an astute believer of media democracy, Elder Umanah focused on using information technologies to both empower Akwa Ibom people and promote democratic ideals through the spread of information as the commissioner of information. Most importantly, he is connected nationally and internationally, therefore he will use his connection to put Abak Federal constituency on the industrial map of Akwa Ibom by attracting investors.

Abak people choose wisely !!!




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