Tuesday, October 17, 2017


by Emmanuel Essiet

I read a lot of things here on Facebook and I understand it’s a social network. But trust me you can make a lot of enemies here even people you know in the real world.

Most of us are growing adult who might have just finish the university, looking for jobs or even an entrepreneur. We have little or nothing to boast of but we believe the future will be bright… Sure the future will be Bright but why do use your hands to type thing that can ruin it.

I know of people that don’t even belong to a political party but because they want to belong and have friends in the political sphere they post anything. Some are aide to Political Appointees and they forget that their boss can leave the appointed seat at any time.

They are lots of political tussle everywhere. My brothers and sister its wisdom to mind what you post. You can support a leader but you must not attack or insult the other.

Rather than being use a fuel to the tussle. The people using you have made it in life. But they will only give a token or nothing to dent the image of the other. Remember you don’t have any problem with the person you are denting his image. Some else do. You are just a busy body in other people matter. You are only used to fight with someone that can be of help to you tomorrow. Only God know tomorrow.

Government can change and leaders removed. Be wise. The people you are cursing and raining abusive on have made it in this life already. At least in this life here on earth. We might not be so sure of where our help will come from. Believe me the same people you are busy fighting for and even insulting people who are supposed to be your friend might tomorrow have a common interest and work together but you have created a lot of enemies for your else already. Enemies who would have helped you in one way or the other. The world is now a global village. Everyone can see your handiwork at a click of their computer.

For me I will say. Even if I was an aide to a Governor, I will never insult an opposition. I will only do my duty as an aide. I know that there is no office that is assigned to attack other people. There is no government that stays forever.

Akwa Ibom must be better. Let try to move forward. Fighting each other will not help us.
Long Live my dear State.

Emmanuel Essiet (Facebook)
Concerned Citizen




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