Thursday, October 12, 2017


An apparent break down of law and order looks imminent in Uyo this Thursday, following a clash of interest on the intellectual ownership of a group, ONE for Change Initiative.

The group was founded by Mr Samuel Efanga, a former Commissioner for Science and Technology, who has vowed to deal with one Prof Etok Ekanem and his cohorts, who has also come out to claim ownership of the group.

Prof. Ekanem, a former commissioner for Agriculture, and a frontline supporter of Mr Nsima Ekere's aspiration as governor in 2019, announced inauguration of the same group following his purported suspension of the progenitor of the group, Mr Efanga.

In a swift reaction, Efanga has come out talking tough on the alleged imposters, arguing that he will stop at nothing to ensure that his rights as the founder of the nomenclature, are not breached.

Mr Efanga vowed to use legal and security means to stop the proposed inauguration of the new executive of the group, which was billed for the Nsima Ekere campaign ground today.
In a widely publicised media message on Wednesday, Mr Efanga warned all the imposters to stay back from the so-called inauguration to avoid the wrath of the law.

The message reads in part,
"The attention of the National Coordinator, ONE FOR CHANGE, Hon. Samuel Efanga has been drawn to the purported plan by some mischievous persons in the State to inaugurate ONE FOR CHANGE without the consent of the National Coordinator and Board of Directors."
"It is instructive to note that ONE FOR CHANGE is the intellectual property of Hon Samuel Efanga who is entitled to every rights and privileges that concern ONE FOR CHANGE hence nobody, persons or group of persons is permitted to use, temper or thinker with the organization without recourse to the Board of Directors and her leadership.
"This notice is to inform the general public of the intentions of some persons who will by hook or crook want to coopt the appellation of ONE FOR CHANGE through fathom inauguration.
"The security agencies have been notified to deal with anyone who is found around such fraudulent event.




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